SwingFit is a strong believer in growing the game. As former junior competitors, our experts understand the value of pursuing golf at an early age and the level of commitment it takes to consistently perform at high levels.

The junior initiatives offered through SwingFit are built upon our founding principles and are designed to help grow the game in creative ways.


  • Full-day Summer programs (Monday-Friday)
  • Built for all skill levels
  • Learn – Practice – Play – Compete
  • Professional golf instruction
  • More than just golf – variety of physical activities
  • Educational components


  • Series-based sessions
  • Built for all skill levels
  • After-school and Summer weekday clinics
  • Dedicated to golf and improving performance


In partnership with Ottawa Pro Sports Management (OPSM), our management services are designed for the competitive golfer looking to pursue a future in golf.

Focus on golf itself. Allow us to manage the hectic nature of competitive scheduling, facilitate appointments with relative support figures, showcase your talent, market your abilities and create opportunity.

Included Services:

  • Extensive consultations & assessments
  • Goal-setting plans
  • Corrective exercise & performance conditioning
  • Progress reports and re-assessments
  • Optimal scheduling assistance
  • Athlete profiles & marketing
  • Mental toughness coaching
  • Talent showcasing
  • Recruiting exposure
  • Post-secondary & scholarship preparation
  • Highlight reels and marketing videos

Give us a shout to learn some more about our junior initiatives or to register for an upcoming program!