Personal Training

Our personalized conditioning programs are scientifically engineered to improve the general health and performance amongst golfers. Our initial consultation and assessments provide a benchmark for your current state of physical readiness in which we use to customize a subsequent conditioning program tailored to your needs.


SwingFit programs are delivered at various intensity levels and are structured accordingly to compliment your busy schedules. Whether you’re a recreational golfer looking for a unique approach to get in shape or a competitive player looking to gain an edge over competition, we work extensively to meet your needs.

Types of Programs:

We understand the gym environment is not for everyone, especially those just starting out. We offer programs that can be completed entirely from home through individual and online coaching sessions.

The more intense the program requirements, the more equipment needed. For the individuals looking to step up their game or get right to the gym, we provide in-studio sessions along with take away programming.

Looking for a more social environment where you can workout along side your Sunday fore-some? We provide interactive classes and group seminars that strive to educate golfers on the relationship between the body and golf mechanics using corrective exercise techniques.

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