“The ability of an individual to perform an exercise is the cause, and the movement itself is just the effect. What the athlete requires, therefore, is the ability to control the cause to perform a successful effect”

– Tudor Bompa

As we train, condition and practice repetitively, our bodies will respond and scientifically adapt to the imposed demands in a specific manner.

This means if we continue to train with improper function and program our brains with inadequate information, our bodies will respond to specific demands with sub-optimal movement patterns.

We believe the nature of ball flight is determined by 4 factors: club alignment, swing path, angle of attack and speed.

The combination of these factors requires a specific response that will emphasize eight primary abilities that control the body.

Each of the biomotor abilities are co-dependent on one another and would never act alone. This means you can’t emphasize one without activating another.

The nature of the golf swing on the other hand requires the synchronization of the entire unit. Any lack of control over one or more of the emphasized abilities will severely effect the outcome of the swing.

Optimal levels of biomotor abilities requires conditioning. Therefore, to achieve or restore optimal mechanics, a golfer should engage in exercise programs that integrate the entire body.

SwingFit prescribes personalized programs that enhance the function and synchronization of the biomotor unit through a 4-tier approach:

Unleash your potential to achieve peak performance and forget the frustrating rounds. Balance and strengthen the muscles in your body to eliminate pains and injuries.

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