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Enhance your ability to activate the core and restore proper function. Core control is the foundation for all forms movement and the number one contributor for generating power in the swing. A lack of core control and strength will limit a golfer’s stability causing all sorts of inconsistencies and unwanted swing characteristics.

Lower body dissociation is defined as the golfer’s ability to rotate the lower body independent of the upper body – an important skill for proper sequencing in the downswing and creating good separation between the two halves. Inefficient lower body dissociation can lead to unwanted swing characteristics such as a sway in the back swing or slide in the downswing. It’s also a major cause of lower back pain, the most common injury or ailment in golf.

Upper body dissociation is defined as the golfer’s ability to rotate the upper body independent of the lower body – a critical skill for proper sequencing of the backswing and creating good separation between the upper and lower body. A lack of upper body dissociation will limit a golfer’s ability to generate speed and maintain stable posture during the swing.

Postural stability is defined as the golfer’s ability to maintain posture and optimal range of motion of the joints during the swing – a critical component for developing a consistency. A lack of postural stability can lead to unwanted swing characteristics such as early extension, over-the-top and reverse spine angle. 

Dynamic strength works in conjunction with stability & posture. Increasing range of motion will set the foundation for allowing golfer’s to enhance the strength of the relative muscles and joints used during the swing. The purpose of this class is reduce compensation and help strengthen movement patterns as a means of injury prevention. 


Our favorite and most popular class. Hip mobility is critical to an efficient, effective, and repeatable golf swing. The hips drive rotation and power, and given we spend most of our day seated (when not on the golf course!) they can get pretty tight. Lack of hip mobility can also result in ‘swaying’ or ‘lifting up’. This session will help you improve internal and external rotation of the legs, release tension in the hip flexors, and open the hip joints in both extension and flexion. An added bonus, stretching and opening the hips can also help ease lower back and knee pain!

Poor balance and posture will limit your swing arc, resulting in reduced distance off the tee. The greater the separation between the hips and the shoulders, the more distance the club head has to travel – the end result, more energy is transferred to the ball at impact.  This session will help you achieve a stronger, more activated core – which will in turn help stabilize the spine, allowing for greater shoulder turn and hip dissociation. A good portion of the class will focus on balance poses as well as opening the front of the chest, while building strength in the muscles of the upper and mid-back.

Love our Hip, Balance and Posture sessions? Looking to amp it up a little? This session is designed to target all the parts of the body used in the golf swing. Shoulders, hips, core, and legs with modifications for all fitness levels. Whether you are a 27 or 8 handicap, you will learn to activate the key muscles used in the golf swing, with a focus on improving mobility and flexibility.

Think you got this Yoga for Golfers® thing cased? This next level of YFG class will challenge your balance and metal focus. We will build on the Birdie session focussing on single leg strength and core stabilization, with the ultimate goal of achieving anatomical alignment, muscle symmetry, increased endurance and overall strength in both the upper and lower body. This class is guaranteed to challenge your balance and ego!

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