SwingFit was born to provide golfers with an alternative approach to improving performance and general health through scientifically engineered training programs. Our model is designed to promote healthy active lifestyles with a golf-first mentality, helping individuals unlock their potential for optimal swing mechanics by preparing the body accordingly.


We were golfers before specialists. We understand the frustrations associated with the game – the inconsistency, the performance plateaus, the aches, pains and the injuries. We also understand the science behind the same frustrations and what it takes to overcome the barriers.


Our mission is to provide golfers of all ages and skill levels with a platform to achieve peak performance. Our certified biomechanics work extensively with our athletes to ensure the proper measures are taken to first restore balance and stability within the body before strengthening functional movement patterns required for an efficient golf swing.




BHK | C.H.E.K Certified Golf Performance Specialist | C.H.E.K Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach

A multi-sport athlete with a lifetime passion for golf. Evan’s been playing the sport since he got his first set of clubs at age 9. His competitive nature led to years of tournament golf at a Junior, High School and Inner-City level. Evan continued to follow his fierce connection with both movement and athletics to a post-secondary level where he earned a Bachelors Degree in Human Kinetics at the University of Windsor. As a C.H.E.K Certified Golf Performance Specialist and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Evan has the pedigree of a sub 4-handicapper with as much knowledge of the game as he does the interplay between mobility and mechanics.

After a period of struggle and disappointment with his golf game, Evan began looking for answers. Despite countless hours of practice in every area of his game he, like many other golfers, suffered a plateau in performance. Fast forward through four years of experimentation with various exercise principles, an endless pursuit for further education and countless hours of trail and error both in the gym and on the course, Evan now dedicates his time to sharing his experiences with golfers of all ages and skill levels, helping them overcome the same barriers to performance he once battled himself.




Selina is an author, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Registered Yoga Teacher with experience in multiple styles of yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini and Yin. She brings her knowledge of the body and holistic health to her classes at SwingFit which focus on the mobility and flexibility specific to golf.

As a yoga teacher and holistic health practitioner, Selina is fascinated by the connection between the nervous system, body mechanics and overall health. She began practicing yoga in 2009 to heal and connect with her body and fell in love with the practice. Today, Selina sees yoga as a philosophy, a lifestyle, and a tool to help people connect with themselves and improve performance physically and mentally. Yoga allows us to go inward and listen to our greatest source of wisdom – our bodies.

You can expect her yoga classes to be slow and challenging with a focus on deep breath. The sequences will focus on stretching, stabilizing and strengthening the areas of the body used in golf. No prior yoga experience is required! You’ll leave the classes feeling refreshed, reconnected and accomplished.