SwingFit was born to provide golfers with an alternative approach to improving performance and general health through scientifically engineered training programs. Our model is designed to promote healthy active lifestyles with a golf-first mentality, helping individuals unlock their potential for optimal swing mechanics by preparing the body accordingly.


We were golfers before specialists. We understand the frustrations associated with the game – the inconsistencies, the performance plateaus, the aches, pains and the injuries. We also understand the science behind the same frustrations and what it takes to overcome the barriers.


Our mission is to provide golfers of all ages and skill levels with a platform to achieve peak performance. Our team of experts work together to ensure every aspect of your game is being addressed from physical limitations to swing mechanics, along with ancillary components such as nutrition and lifestyle habits. An all-in-one holistic approach to improved golf performance.



BHK | PGA of Canada Professional | TPI Certified | C.H.E.K Golf Performance Specialist | C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach

A multi-sport athlete with a lifetime passion for golf. Evan’s been playing the sport since he got his first set of clubs at age 9. His competitive nature led to years of tournament golf at a Junior, High School and Inner-City level. Evan continued to follow his fierce connection with both movement and athletics to a post-secondary level where he earned a Bachelors Degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Windsor. As a PGA of Canada Professional, TPI and C.H.E.K Certified Golf Performance Specialist and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Evan has as much experience and knowledge of the game as he does the interplay between movement, mobility and mechanics.

After a period of struggle and disappointment with his golf game, Evan began looking for answers. Despite countless hours of practice in every area of his game he, like many other golfers, suffered a plateau in performance. Fast forward through four years of experimentation with various exercise principles, an endless pursuit for further education and countless hours of trial and error both in the gym and on the course, Evan now dedicates his time to sharing his experiences with golfers of all ages and skill levels, helping them overcome the same barriers to performance he once battled himself.



TPI Golf Fitness Specialist L2 | SuperSpeed Certified | FMS | PTA

Dan Marsh is a Titleist Performance Institute Certified level 2 Golf Fitness Specialist. Dan specializes in understanding the biomechanics behind the body-swing connection, identifying the weakness’ and developing specialized and individualized programming in the gym for golfers to overcome any major weaknesses that could be impacting their game. 

Dan is also a  Canadian Armed Forces Afghanistan Veteran. He spent 11years in the service of Canada and has since transitioned to dedicate his time toward servicing others. Dan has taken what he has learned in the military about teamwork, discipline and camaraderie and apply his diverse skill set toward servicing SwingFit athletes. 

Learn more about Dan and Press Performance Lab here – https://www.pressperformancelab.com/




Selina is an author, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Registered Yoga Teacher with experience in multiple styles of yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini and Yin. She provides her knowledge of the body, holistic health and wellness practices to the SwingFit athletes with a focus on performance optimization.

As a yoga teacher and holistic health practitioner, Selina is fascinated by the connection between the nervous system, body mechanics and overall health. She began practicing yoga in 2009 to heal and connect with her body and fell in love with the practice. Today, Selina sees yoga as a philosophy, a lifestyle, and a tool to help people connect with themselves and improve performance physically and mentally. Yoga allows us to go inward and listen to our greatest source of wisdom – our bodies.

Learn more about Selina – https://selinarose.ca/



RYT200 | Level 1 Certified YFG® Instructor

Megan has competed successfully at the highest levels of military golf on both national and international scales,  currently holding the title of Canadian Armed Forces National Golf Champion and placed 10th at the 2019 World Military Games. Dedicated to the game of golf for over 20 years, she understands the commitment, effort, and energy needed to be your best at one of the most individually demanding sports available.

Always one to challenge herself, Megan became a registered yoga teacher in 2014 after practicing yoga for more than 10 years – a crucial part of her own balanced golf fitness regime to maintain  mobility and flexibility.

Her passion for both golf and yoga led to the fruition of Par72 Yoga after experiencing the benefits of yoga in her own golf game. In 2018, Megan became certified as a Yoga for Golfers® professional instructor with the goal in mind to share the benefits of golf yoga with others. Megan applies her experience to provide SwingFit athletes of all ages and skill levels with unique programming designed to complement and enhance performance.

Learn more about Megan and Par72 Yoga here – https://par72yoga.com/



RMT | Massage Therapy | Neurosomatic Therapy | Fascial Stretch Therapy

Dominique has always been involved in health and fitness and passionate about continually optimizing her health. Starting at a young age, her first passion was downhill skiing and basketball. Later on, she started strength training and spending more time in the gym to keep active and even competed in Figure. Dominique went on to study Kinesiology at the University of Ottawa and became more and more fascinated by soft tissue health, which lead her to take Fascial Stretch Therapy and then study in Massage Therapy and NeuroSomatic Therapy. 

Fast forward to today, Dominique now works with a variety of patients from all walks of life. She enjoys working with patients that are looking to optimize their overall health so that they keep up with their daily activities and ambitious goals, whether that be working up to a new PR at the gym, or being able to go through the day pain-free. 

Dominique’s approach to treatment is very grounded and holistic, addressing not only symptoms, but also looking at the bigger picture to find out why such symptoms are felt and correcting any postural and muscular imbalances found throughout the treatment and assessment. Dominique provides a unique set of skills to better serve our golfers and provide them with the treatments they need to optimize performance both on and off the course.



Registered Physiotherapist | TPI Medical L2

Adam grew up in the Niagara Region, a part of the country known for its mild winters. In golf terms, this meant that he had the advantage of playing well into December most years. He studied Kinesiology at Brock University before pursuing graduate studies in Physiotherapy at Queen’s University. He has been a practicing Physiotherapist for over 7 years with a special interest in treating athletes of all backgrounds, most notably golfers. Adam believes in providing a patient-centred model of care unique to the individual that integrates hands-on manual therapy approaches to treat dysfunction with movement-based exercise to enhance overall physical function and well-being.

A certified Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Medical Level 2 provider, Adam uses his skills as a Physiotherapist to help golfers swing a club in the most efficient way possible while reducing injury risk. He strives to promote care with one goal in mind: to keep people moving. Adam dedicates his time and expertise to better serve our golfers and provide them with the therapy and treatment they need to optimize performance on and off the course.