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We take assessments very seriously. When dealing with the human body if you’re not assessing, you’re guessing, and guessing leads to poor programming and eventual injury. Our full assessments are conducted as a pre-requisite for personal training programs as well as on an ad-hoc basis to provide golfers with a scientific look at their body/swing connection and the truth behind their mechanical flaws.

Our process includes examinations of both the body and the swing. We first hit the range to evaluate mechanics through a body screen at six different swing positions followed by a ball flight analysis and video session. The second phase includes a full body assessment where we put you through a variety of physical tests to measure for any muscles imbalances and/or strength deficiencies within the major muscle groups used in the golf swing.

Your assessment results are broken down, reviewed and compiled into a professional document with both verbal and visual feedback. We strive to connect the dots between your swing characteristics and muscle restrictions so you can better understand where your body needs improvement. The results are then used to build a corrective exercise and training program tailored to your needs.

While an extensive overhaul of your body and mechanics is not required, it’s highly recommended to get the most out of your training programs. At the very least we will always conduct a flexibility & core assessment with re-assessments every month to ensure you remain on track and monitor progress over time.


Scientifically engineered to improve general health and golf performance. Delivered at various intensity levels and designed to fit your needs. Visit our facilities or we can come to you. For the recreational player looking to get fit or competitive golfer looking for an edge, SwingFit provides programs for golfers of all ages and skill levels and works extensively to meet your goals.

We consider all aspects of your body and your game to design a corrective exercise program that targets your weaknesses and imbalances. We then work along your side to ensure you get the most out of each and every training session by correcting form when needed, observing tendencies and adjusting programs accordingly, providing motivational support and keeping you aligned with program objectives.


Already have a gym membership? Prefer training on your own? Rather workout from home? SwingFit offers individualized programs that can completed on your own watch. Our programs are delivered in both mobile app and web-based formats including video demonstrations and written tips/instruction for each and every exercise.

Self-driven programs designed to achieve results from anywhere – hit the gym, stay at home, or workout from your office. Receive customized programming, weekly check-ins and coaching calls, monthly progress reports, program revisions and unlimited online support. All of our programs and routines can be completed with home gym equipment that totals less than $100 CAD!

  • Customize your personal account with anatomical statistics
  • Review your past and present goals and give yourself something to work for
  • Communicate back and fourth with your coach directly from the app
  • Record, review and track your progress with real-time metrics
  • Refer back to specific documents as provided by your coach
  • Keep track of what equipment is needed for your workouts every month

  • Get creative with how you use the platform to maximize results
  • Submit questions directly to your coach and record real-time exercise results
  • Watch and learn with the exercise demonstration videos or click on the video descriptions for more information
  • Upload pictures or videos of yourself to gather feedback from your coach
  • Leave general comments, ask questions or list your concerns after each routine

  • Keep yourself accountable with the program compliance rate – the higher the rate, the better the results!
  • Never miss a workout – allow us to build a custom exercise program around your preferred schedule
  • Always keep good form – share your pictures and videos to ensure you train correctly and maximize results
  • Stop the excuses – everything you need to train with purpose is right in front of you


Looking for a more social environment where you can workout along side your Sunday fore-some? Do you and your spouse enjoy activities together?

Try one of our golf fitness and performance programs. Delivered across various locations, our group programs are designed to introduce athletes to the world of proper golf conditioning. No long-term committment to a gym membership or personal training services. Perfect to try with your golf friends, family or partner. Check out our programs page for more info or contact us to see if we have a series coming to a club near you.


Concerned about your risk for injury? Playing through ongoing ailments? Injuries often derive from a lack of mobility and compensation.

SwingFit can assess your current state and prescribe corrective exercise programs to rehabilitate or minimize your risk of injury moving forward.

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