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We take assessments very seriously. When dealing with the human body if you’re not assessing, you’re guessing, and guessing leads to poor programming, poor performance and potential injury. Our assessments are conducted as a pre-requisite for personal training programs and offered on an individual basis to provide golfers with a scientific look at their body/swing connection and the truth behind their inconsistent play.

We combined tests and screens from some of the world’s most recognizable golf fitness and human performance institutions to provide out athletes with the best possible overview of their mechanics. You will be taken through a Titleist Performance Institute physical screen and various flexibility/core tests to assess your physical limitations. The second component includes a swing analysis in which we will video your swing to evaluate your mechanics, characteristics and tendencies. 

The combination of results are then compiled into an extensive report in which we will connect the dots between your physical limitations and mechanics to identify your compensation patterns and recommend a plan of action to address your needs and optimize performance. Once a plan of action has been put in place, we use your initial results to design and develop a periodized program tailored to your needs. Assessments are never a one-and-done process. We will reassess your needs every month to make program revisions as you continue to progress.


Scientifically engineered to improve general health and golf performance. Delivered at various intensity levels and designed to fit your needs. Visit our facilities or we can come to you. For the recreational player looking to get fit or competitive golfer looking for an edge, SwingFit provides programs for golfers of all ages and skill levels and works extensively to meet your goals.

We consider all aspects of your body and your game to design a corrective exercise program that targets your weaknesses and imbalances. We then work along your side to ensure you get the most out of each and every training session by correcting form when needed, observing tendencies and adjusting programs accordingly, providing motivational support and keeping you aligned with program objectives.


Already have a gym membership? Prefer training on your own? Rather workout from home? SwingFit offers individualized programs that can completed on your own watch. Our programs are delivered in both mobile app and web-based formats including video demonstrations and written tips/instruction for each and every exercise.

Self-driven programs designed to achieve results from anywhere – hit the gym, stay at home, or workout from your office. Receive customized programming, weekly check-ins and coaching calls, monthly progress reports, program revisions and unlimited online support. All of our programs and routines can be completed with home gym equipment that totals less than a 2-month gym membership!


SwingFit provides golf instruction for all ages and skill levels. Depending on your needs and experience, we provide tailored instruction to optimize performance on the course. As a beginner, the focus should be on fundamentals and basic technique. For the more experienced player, instruction should include a combination of both physical conditioning and technical coaching. Our golf instruction is provided by PGA of Canada Professionals. 

The more golf you play, the more likely you are to develop faulty movement patterns and the more you play with faulty movement patterns, the harder it becomes to override your muscle memory. Technical swing coaching should be perceived as an after thought when it comes to improving performance. It doesn’t matter which golf professional you’re taking a lesson from, without addressing the underlying physical limitations all a pro can do is help you find more ways to compensate, and compensation is unsustainable.