Please read through some of our most frequently asked questions to help you better understand our services, memberships, programs and more.


Nothing other than comfortable clothing, a 7-iron and a driver.

All assessments are executed out of the Richcraft Sensplex.

No problem – we will keep your assessment results on file and if you decide to come back to us up to 4-months later, we will use the same results and find the right membership fit for you.

Anything later than 4-months after your initial assessment was conducted will require a reassessment.

In some cases yes. Assessments are included with all personal coaching memberships, online performance memberships, and premium seasonal membership options. 

While highly recommended, assessments are not included with our golf fitness & yoga class memberships.

No – assessments are an additional cost to both private and group golf lesson options.

Yes – you will have your PDF document to keep.

4-months before we require a reassessment. We reassess all personal coaching members and online performance members at no additional cost every 4-months.


SwingFit offers a variety of memberships, all of which are designed to fit the needs of every golfer. Majority of our memberships are group based and/or seasonal programs in which you would work with like-minded individuals toward your game improvement goals.

We offer memberships to our Winter Golf Academy that tap into all aspects of performance between the months of December – April.

We offer memberships to our Golf Fitness services all year round that are designed to help you move better, hit it longer, and play the game we love forever.

If a group setting is not for you, we also offer memberships that combine our core golf instruction and fitness services on a private level where you would work with our team of experts on an individual basis to achieve your goals.

It depends. Only two of our membership options are month to month with no long-term commitment (fitness & yoga class memberships) whereas all other memberships have a minimum term commitment which varies amongst the options. Please review the memberships page to learn of all the options. 

Yes – all memberships are charged on a monthly basis. The only exception would be our seasonal golf memberships in which membership fees are due up front. Monthly payment plans can be arranged for these options however a 3% surcharge is applied to the total.

 Our primary location is the Richcraft Sensplex (813 Shefford Rd) in which all our services are hosted with exception of outdoor lessons which are held at Pineview Golf Course. frequency of routines, duration of routines as well as specific days of the week you’d like to exercise. Programs are revised on an as-needed basis and compliance rates are monitored by your designated trainer to hold you accountable.

For our monthly membership options, you may cancel any time with 30-day notice after your initial membership term is completed.

For our fitness & yoga class memberships, you may cancel any time with 30-day notice.

Yes – you can always upgrade to a more extensive membership at any time.

We always offer hold options in which you can put a pause to your membership in the event of an injury. You’ll want to maintain your support network and receive the care you need as you begin to heal!

Visit our About Us page to read more about our team members.

 Start with a consultation. If you don’t know where to begin, let us guide you through our recommendations based on your desires.


We offer a variety of options for golfers of all ages and skill level. These options range from private 1-on-1 sessions, to private group lessons and on-course playing lessons.

 Lesson rates vary depending on which package seems right for you

For more information on Private Lessons click HERE 

For more information on Group Lessons click HERE 

The short answer is that it depends. Depends on your previous experience, age, athletic ability, budgets and other factors. We recommend the following:

  • For beginners: We recommend 5 x 30-minute lessons or 3 x 60-minute lessons as a starting point
  • For intermediate players: We recommend 5 x 30-minute lessons or 3 x 60-minute lessons to address your major pain points and provide corrective techniques
  • For advanced golfers: We recommend 10 x 30-minute lessons to provide ongoing coaching support and tune ups when desired

We offer many different lesson times throughout the week available both during the warmer and colder months. Click HERE for a detailed description of those times and dates. 

Throughout the Spring, Summer & Fall we offer lessons at Pineview Golf Course (1471 Blair Rd, Ottawa) and throughout the winter months we offer lessons at our indoor academy on our premium golf simulators at The Richcraft Sensplex (813 Shefford Rd, Ottawa).

After you choose which type of lesson package you would like, you simply add the package to your cart, enter your credit card information and wait for your confirmation email.

Purchase your lessons package HERE 

Once you complete your purchase, you will then receive a confirmation email to the same email you added upon checkout. In the confirmation email will be a link to the booking portal where you can book your lessons.

Please note this is a very popular service and so there may be some wait times in order to begin your lessons. We always suggest that new students expect a 2-week turnaround before their first lesson will take place.

We allow students to book lessons up to 90 days in advance. You will receive confirmation and reminder emails to manage your own appointments.

We require 48 hours notice for all rescheduled appointments and cancellations in which you are to manage yourself through your booking account and/or reminder emails. 

Failure to adhere to the policy will result in a loss of lesson with no refund.

We will keep your lessons on file and allow you to complete them at a later date when ready to return.


If you’re a self-starter, our online performance membership would be a great fit.

If you enjoy a group atmosphere but can’t get motivated on your own, our fitness & yoga class memberships will help you stay active. 

If you like working with a coach or need that extra push from a team of experts, any of our personal coaching or seasonal memberships are the perfect fit. 

All in-person fitness & yoga sessions are hosted at the Richcraft Sensplex (813 Shefford Rd)

All online classes and services are hosted virtually via zoom and/or specialized online platforms & apps.

Unfortunately not – while the space we have is quite large and fully equipped, the fitness facility is a shared space and is dedicated to group classes and personal training sessions only. 

We design your personalized programs to fit your needs – including what kind of equipment you have at your disposal. In any case, the equipment required for our programming is nothing more than a $100-150 investment at the most in which you will have long-term. 

We will recommend brands and budget-friendly options when finding the equipment you may need.

We deliver our programming via mobile app and desktop platforms so you can exercise with ease from anywhere!

Yes – all of our prescribed online programming includes videos for each and every exercise and/or drill.

We realize that everyone has different desires. Whether you prefer a gym atmosphere, group setting or at-home and online, we have something to suit your needs. 

Click HERE to learn about our Personal Training, Online Training and Group Fitness Options.

Click HERE to see the most up to date SwingFit Fitness Class Schedule.


Receive live feedback and instruction from a PGA of Canada professional during your daily practice session or visit the facility of your choice during non-instruction hours to continue working on your game with premium hitting mats, unlimited balls and putting greens. Members will be allowed (1) x 60-minute booking per day. Must be booked in advance via online booking portal. Members receive 14-day advanced booking privileges. Same day bookings available.

At our Richcraft Sensplex location, we let our members take some time out of their 60-minute practice session to use the golf simulators and check their progress via ball flight and detailed analytics (subject to daily availability). At our Pineview location, we keep a Skytrak launch monitor onsite allowing members to check their progress via ball flight and basic analytics. At both locations our Professional teaching staff make use of video feedback technology to help members better understand their tendencies.

 The hours of operation at Richcraft Sensplex are Monday-Friday, 9:00am – 4:30pm (November 28 – April 30). 

The hours of operation at Pineview are Monday-Sunday, 10:00am – 10:00pm (January 6 – March 17). 

We provide 80 hours per week of instruction from our team of Professionals across both locations.

No. All memberships provide access to both locations.

Once you purchase a Winter Golf Academy package, you will then receive a confirmation email to the same email you added upon checkout. In the confirmation email will be a link to a members portal where links to book all membership services will be available.

We set a capacity to how many memberships we sell for this reason. With our capacity, we provide our members with equal opportunity to book practice sessions during both peak times and slower times. While we don’t guarantee exact times, our member capacity allows for at least 3-4 sessions per week or more during your preferred time range.

With 5 hitting mats across both locations (10 total) and 119 hours of operation per week (across both locations), that provides availability for 1,190 practice slots per week. We set our capacity to 250 members max in order to provide equal and ample opportunity for each member to book a minimum of 3-4 or more 60-minute sessions per week.

Choose between the Premium or Basic membership options offered in 20, 16 or 10-week durations, or select one of our Flex memberships offered in 8, 6 or 4-week durations. Add your desired option to your cart, fill out the pertinent information, make your purchase, then wait for your confirmation email which will include a link to a members portal where you can then book the services included with your membership.

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